Wednesday, October 20, 2010

#20 - Reginald P. Toothly

Reginald P. Toothly was always a happy-go-lucky kind of pumpkin, ready at all times to lend a seed or a smile, and he still is. Raised on a farm way out in Pumpkchester, MA he learned to yodel at an early age, a skill which gained him world-wide renown under his pseudonym "Toothie P". He enjoyed the fame of a celebrity yodeller while protecting his personal life through elaborate costumes and a veritable army of stand-ins for public events.

All of that changed when one day, Reginald was diagnosed with APWD, Advanced Pumpkin Wasting Disease. His smile, while not the charmer it used to be, is still there for the world to see that he has not been defeated by this affliction. A true pumpkin hero. Please consider donating to the APWD charity fund at .

Thursday, September 16, 2010

# 19 Fearkat

This just in from SETI:

Attention Planet Earth.
I come from the planet Meerkat. You must give us all your scorpions so that we may eat them. If you refuse, we will do cute tricks like standing up on our hind legs, squeaking, and popping in and out of holes until you meet our demands. You have until tomorrow.
End Transmission.

#18 Pumpkin Alien

" Pumpkin Alien went to a party, and all the other alien pumpkins had 2 eyes, but he had one. And another pumpkin behind the flowers had one eye. They lived happily ever after. The end. "
- Emma, age 4.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

# 17 Brain

Brains. Brains! BRAINS!!!!!!!! BRRRRRRRAINSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#16 Sunny

A sunflower with eyes, and attitude. Deal with it.

Friday, September 10, 2010

#14 & #15 The Tomato Twins

This is why organic gardening is so important. Otherwise......they grow eyes.

#13 Sticky

"I used to be a popsicle. A beautiful orange creamsicle. Now I'm just a sticky stick."

#12 Stinky

Left too long in the pumpkin patch, this squash turned rotten. Try to cook him, and he'll use his secret weapon, the world's stinkiest onion.
"Why you crying?"

#11 Snappy the Snap Dragon

Patiently hiding, biding his time, in his bouquet of evil. Come closer to smell the roses and your nose.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Juan Diente (#9) vs. Emo Jackson (#10)

Who will win the very first million monster battle?

In one corner, Juan Diente, el perro muy malo. In the other, Emo Jackson, the often misunderstood facebook photographer. Will the dog have his day, or will a picture be worth a thousand... beatings?



Friday, April 2, 2010

#8 Doctor Edward Crumbly

Dorchester, MA... 1941: A working-class tarantula named Harry "Hairy Knuckles" Crumbly was spinning webs for minimum wage, thinking about faraway places, when he saw the most gorgeous howler monkey he'd ever seen being robbed by a gang of crawfish just down the street.

He ran as fast as his eight feet would carry him, and fought fang-and-tarsus until the robbers finally ran off. He introduced himself to the monkey, Edwina Bananourous, and the rest was history.

From this chance meeting eventually came a child, Edward, who would rise from this humble upbringing to international acclaim as the inventor of, a dating site for arachnids and animals alike. He credits his bi-species parents and their heartwarming story for his success.

In memory of Harry (1919-1996) and Edwina (1922-1998), the Crumblys.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

#7 ConeStance

don't you dare call me connie! my mom says that i'm beautiful, no matter what everyone says. i don't need to tiptoe around... forget that. i am monster, hear me roar!

#6 Marfy

marfy sad. marfy want hit things. marfy belly is grumblings. marfy now happy! wonderful world. world stinks! marfy confused. sleepy.

#5 and #5.5 - Snow-muties "Dave" and "Jebediah"

Bred in a laboratory, Dave and Jebediah's only goal is to one day bake the world's largest loaf of bread. For some a meager goal, but for those of the snow community, an unimaginable triumph. Raised as brothers but sharing the same body, Dave and Jebediah have built a name in the snow-cone community... under the nickname "Cone-ann the barbarian(s)." Their one true love is baking, a life-threatening hobby that cost their 3rd conjoined twin "3dude" his life. This former-trio-now-duo will be one act to follow in this years bakeolympics.

#4 Snobot 3000

Snobot 3000, or "Snobot" for short, loves the Earth and wishes he wasn't programmed to destroy it. His nervous disposition has helped in that endeavor, as well as the recent rain and sun in Boston. [Quote] "Good bye friends. My programming may hate you, but my metal heart will always call you buddy {initiate crying sequence}"

#3 Snaz

My name isssss... Ssssssnazzz. It takesssssss me ssssssssseveral sssssssecondssssssssss to sssssssssssspeak. Ssssssssorry, but them'sssssssssssssssss the breakssssssssssssss, sssssssssisssssssster!

Monster Zero [Point] One

Matt Walczak, a short but diminutive collaborator. GASP! his tiny legs. SCREAM! his reasonably kempt beard (not entirely pictured). GUFFAW! at his brevity; The end.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

#2 Yerbert

Yerbert is my name, and my heroes are King Kong, Spiderman and the Mario Brothers. Climbing this wall would be much easier if I could fly, but sadly I remain earthbound... at least for now! I am working on making wings out of feathers and wax that I plan to use in my quest later this summer. I'll let you know how it goes! 

#1 Nobody

Oh, hi... I'm Nobody... I love playing with friends and singing at the top of my voice. I was born with just a head and legs, but I've got nothing to be ashamed of... I'm very smart and can run like the wind. Don't make me angry, though... or I'll BITE-YA! 

monster zero

Deborah Shea (humanus sudorosus) : the tallest of the Sheas, the Deborah thrives near the ocean in a mild climate. Generally friendly and nurturing, she can be agitated by teasing, threats, and insults, which result in a flight response. Her natural enemies are insensitive teenage boys and spiders. Her life expectancy is at this time unknown.