Wednesday, March 17, 2010

#5 and #5.5 - Snow-muties "Dave" and "Jebediah"

Bred in a laboratory, Dave and Jebediah's only goal is to one day bake the world's largest loaf of bread. For some a meager goal, but for those of the snow community, an unimaginable triumph. Raised as brothers but sharing the same body, Dave and Jebediah have built a name in the snow-cone community... under the nickname "Cone-ann the barbarian(s)." Their one true love is baking, a life-threatening hobby that cost their 3rd conjoined twin "3dude" his life. This former-trio-now-duo will be one act to follow in this years bakeolympics.


  1. this snow creation pictures are amazing, as are the creations


  2. oh, by this, I mean THESE, ugga wugga