Friday, April 2, 2010

#8 Doctor Edward Crumbly

Dorchester, MA... 1941: A working-class tarantula named Harry "Hairy Knuckles" Crumbly was spinning webs for minimum wage, thinking about faraway places, when he saw the most gorgeous howler monkey he'd ever seen being robbed by a gang of crawfish just down the street.

He ran as fast as his eight feet would carry him, and fought fang-and-tarsus until the robbers finally ran off. He introduced himself to the monkey, Edwina Bananourous, and the rest was history.

From this chance meeting eventually came a child, Edward, who would rise from this humble upbringing to international acclaim as the inventor of, a dating site for arachnids and animals alike. He credits his bi-species parents and their heartwarming story for his success.

In memory of Harry (1919-1996) and Edwina (1922-1998), the Crumblys.

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